Robb Grandon4Canton Township Trustee

Canton S.A.I.D. - Sustainability, Attractiveness, Inclusion & Diversity

Sustainability – Canton Township Trustees should enhance policies that foster renewable energy initiatives, integrate smart-cell technology, and create a zero-net-carbon footprint for township operations which all support the goal of sustainability while continuing to maintain the Township’s existing energy infrastructure.  Canton must also continue to integrate state-of-the-art new city technologies. To address the growth of the community population; Canton must begin to maximize land use by expanding mixed-use developments and limit approval of low-density housing developments. Canton leadership must enhance walk-ability, bicycle accessibility, mobility-device friendliness, public-transport and transportation supportive developments while preserving the natural ecological system, landscape, and cultural & heritage sites.


Attractiveness – With its alluring parks and highly-ranked school system, Canton is an attractive place to live, work, play and go to school. Our township has amazing public parks, hiking and biking trails, and even a dedicated park for our dogs. In order to maintain Canton’s big-sky views, local leadership should back a Green Space Initiative by creating a park in each neighborhood so that each green space is accessible by foot or mobility device for every resident. Our schools receive high ratings every year and continue to offer an enhanced curriculum to young students. By maintaining this attractiveness, we will gain high-tech jobs, new skilled trade jobs, garner quality residents, and enhance our vibrant community. 

Inclusion – Canton officials have a civic responsibility to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Currently, Canton leaders are working on compliance, however, coordination with Wayne County officials has slowed the process in several areas such as obtaining right-of-way passages for missing sidewalks and ramps, and also installing smart traffic signals for pedestrians with disabilities.  As one Canton resident stated "…the spirit of the law is to ensure independent, barrier-free living." 


Diversity – Creating a Welcoming Community for all by enacting a Human Rights Protection Ordinance. Canton's diversity brings strength to the community and I will work, door by door, to build a stronger community that spotlights our cultural diversity to bring our residents closer together.