Canton Priorities - 'Prepare for Canton's Future,' together!

Canton Township Master Plan, Land-Use & Development

  • Keeping our green space by incorporating Green Space Initiatives
  • Utilization of Green Building Practices - developing sustainable sites, increasing water and energy efficiency, reducing waste and emissions, using eco-friendly building materials, and improving indoor & outdoor environmental quality
  • Expanding Mixed-Use Developments including Vertical, Horizontal and Walkable Designs
  • Designing "Complete Streets" - planned, designed, built, and maintained to enable safe access for users of all ages and abilities

Public Safety - Police, Fire & Paramedics

  • Maintaining our safe community.
  • Enhancing Community Policing Efforts
  • Creating public safety programs for Canton residents.
  • Building a new Fire Station to service the growing population and to reduce on-scene response times.

Renewable Energy & Technology

  • l00%  Zero Net Carbon Emissions For Township Operations
  • Use of data-informed research and community-based analytics to evaluate mobility patterns to create a 'Travel Demand Model' for Canton Township. 
  • Implementing New Smart City Technologies
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations at Public and Municipal Facilities

Road Millage Projects, Traffic & The Ford Road Boulevard

  • Preparing Canton residents for the Ford Road Boulevard Project
  • Educating residents and homeowner associations (HOA) about the Canton Road Millage Match Grant Program for neighborhoods and subdivisions


  • Resident Recycling Education Initiative - New rules of recycling
  • Student Recycling Education Initiative - Educating our youth

Township Budget

  • Maintaining a balanced budget and a strong credit rating
  • Providing diverse opportunities to deliver services that residents and businesses within the community want and need
  • Ensuring that the budgeting process complies with recognized standards, encourages public involvement, provides for appropriate controls, provides information to the public and is 100% transparent to Canton residents