Canton Priorities - 'Prepare for Canton's Future,' together!

Canton Township Master Plan, Land-Use & Development

  • Keeping our Green Space!
  • Utilization of Green Building Practices - developing sustainable sites, increasing water and energy efficiency, reducing waste and emissions, using eco-friendly building materials, and improving indoor & outdoor environmental quality.
  • Expanding Mixed-Use Developments including Vertical, Horizontal and Walkable Designs
  • Incorporating Green Space Initiatives for all new developments
  • Designing "Complete Streets" - planned, designed, built, and maintained to enable safe access for users of all ages and abilities including pedestrians, bicyclists, public transit users, people who don't own cars and persons with disabilities. Complete Streets make it easy to cross the street, walk to shops, and bicycle to work. 

Public Safety - Police, Fire & Paramedics

  • Maintaining a Safe Community with our Federally Accredited Police Department
  • Enhancing Community Policing Efforts & creating Public Safety Programs for Canton Residents involvement
  • Building an additional Fire Station to service the growing population and to reduce on-scene response times for the Fire Department and Paramedic Services

Renewable Energy & Technology

  • Setting a goal to achieve 100% Renewable Energy & Zero Net Carbon Emissions For Canton Township Operations
  • Utilization of Data-Informed Research and community based analytics to evaluate mobility patterns to create a 'Travel Demand Model' for Canton Township. 
  • Implementing Smart City Technology - Initial focus on the Arterial & Connector Roads including the Downtown Development Authorities District Boundary & Commercial Corridor, the new Ford Road Boulevard project area, Michigan Avenue, Canton Center Road, Cherry Hill Village area, Lotz Road Mixed Use Corridor and, Canton Township Public and Municipal Facilities.
  • Installing Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations at Public and Municipal Facilities

Road Millage Projects, Traffic & The Ford Road Boulevard

  • Canton Road Millage Projects -  Projections for 2020 and beyond 
  • Preparing Canton residents for the Ford Road Boulevard Project. 
  • Educating residents and homeowner associations (HOA) about the Canton Road Millage Match Grant Program for neighborhoods and subdivisions


  • Canton's Recycling Program and how it continues to evolve
  • Resident Recycling Education Initiative - How To Recycle (new rules of recycling)
  • Student Recycling Education Initiative - Working with P-CCS, our Library and Leisure Services, and others to educate our youth

Township Budget

  • Maintaining a Balanced Budget and a strong credit rating
  • Provide diverse opportunity to deliver services that residents and businesses within the community need 
  • Ensuring that the budgeting process complies with recognized standards, encourages public involvement, provides for appropriate controls, provides information to the public and is 100% transparent to Canton residents