Robb Grandon4Canton Township Trustee

"Preparing for Canton's Future"

Volunteers Needed

Door to Door Canvassing

Do you love knocking doors? I could use your help!  We need to reach out to every resident in Canton Township. We need to drive excitement, build momentum and get out the vote.  I am grateful for all of the support I have received during the campaign committee process. I am here to serve the residents of Canton Township. I am asking for your help.......I need your help to get elected. Volunteer shifts are only 2 hours long.

Field Organizing

Shy?  Does talking with people face to face or on the phone make you nervous? I completely understand, I get nervous when I feel like I'm the center of attention, or talking in front of a group, too.  We have jobs around the campaign office that need to get done, and I could use your help organizing, prepping literature packets, and things like that. Call or stop by the campaign office and lend a hand.  Remember, the volunteer shifts are only 2 hours.

Volunteer for a shift

Phone Banking

Do you have the gift for gab but walking all of those steps is not your thing? Maybe you've worn a hole in your shoe sole and need to sit for moment. We can get the word out with phone banking. Phone bankers can work from our campaign office or from anywhere with a cell phone and wi-fi connection. Connect with us and join us for a phone banking session. Our team of amazing volunteers are working hard to get our message to the residents of Canton Township. Volunteer today, shifts are only 2 hours.